1. It is the lowest place on earth: 1,300 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea has been given the lowest elevation. While driving there, you can even say you have been on the lowest road too: Highway 90.

    Photo from kidsbritannica.com
  2. Queen Cleopatra loved it: She traveled from Egypt to build a spa there because she believed in its healing properties. Today, people from all over the world stay for an extended visit (14 to 28 days) to allow the minerals to work. There have been many cases of eczema, acne, psoriasis, asthma, and arthritis being completely healed!

    Photo from youtube.com
  3. You can float: Ok, so maybe you already knew this, but how could I not share it? Being about six times saltier than the ocean, the high salt content makes you buoyant.

    Not only was this so fun, but it was insanely beautiful. Like, come on… look at that view of the Desert Jordan. Also, DO NOT shave before entering.. I learned the hard way…
  4. It’s 3 million years old: Inundated from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, forming in a crooked bay called Sedom lagoon. Floods and climate change eventually caused the lagoon to deposit salt beds.dead-sea1-1Photo from dhakatribune.com
  5. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found here: Go figure. In 1947, a Bedouin (Arabic nomads) boy was searching for his lost goat. Some say he threw a rock, heard a ding and discovered a pot with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Others says he simply walked upon it! The cave it was located in is now identified as Qumran Cave 1. deadseascrolls

    Photos from bibleplaces.com and irelandsown.ie
  6. It creates asphalt: It bubbles up from seeps in the bottom of the lake (oh yeah, the Dead Sea is actually a lake.) Ancient Egyptians imported the asphalt and used it in their mummification process.

    Photo from lifedaily.com
  7. Scientists have found life: For thousands of years, it has been deemed the sea with no life, hence the name. The salt content is too high to accommodate fish and plant life but, there has been a recent discovery. Bacteria.

    Photo from livescience.com



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